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2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
    2003 Toyota Corolla Review, Ms_ccw

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Toyota Corolla LE

 ModelToyota Corolla LE
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Bad handling, poor in-town gas mileage for a l.8L engine and noisy engine. The headrests need to be removed from the backseats. They inhibit the view from the back window when backing up.
 General comments?When it came time to get rid of my old car,(reluctantly, I might add), I looked around for about six weeks and test drove different vehicles from both American made and foreign manufacturers, as well as doing extensive research on each one of the vehicles that I was interested in. After driving this car for a day or two and having the vehicle checked out by my mechanic, I eventually decided to purchase it. I was also able to negotiate what I thought was a good price with the dealership.

I have now had the car for a few weeks, and I am very disappointed with the gas mileage that I am getting in town. All of the reviews that I had read prior to buying this car stated approximately 30+ MPG in the city, (for an automatic transmission, which I have) but I am only averaging 24 MPG. I am not driving the car rough or anything, so I can't figure out why the in-town mileage is so low. My old car that I traded in had a slightly bigger engine (2.0L) and it was much better on this gas than this one. I have not driven the car on a long trip yet, so I don't know what kind of MPG I will get over the road.

Another thing I wanted to point out is this car is hard to handle when it's windy outside. It has a tendency to wander all over the road, so you have to pay really close attention at all times.

The car emits a sulphur smell on occasion also. I don't know if it's the gas or not, but I do wonder if whatever is causing the sulphur smell could possibly be affecting the gas mileage somehow.

If I had to buy it again, I don't know whether I would or not. I prefer vehicles that get AT LEAST in the high 20's for in-town gas mileage, and unfortunately for me, this one doesn't. The plus side of this situation is that I owe considerably less on this car than what it is worth, so if I decide to trade it in later, I should come out ok and not take a loss.
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Review 2003 Toyota Corolla Ms_ccw
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