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2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
2003 toyota corolla 2003 toyota corolla
    2003 Toyota Corolla Review, Frub

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Corolla LE

 ModelCorolla LE
 What things have gone wrong with the car?Not enough leg room; I'm 5'11" and I have the seat all the way back. I have to fully extend my arms to reach the steering wheel.

Pulling down the sun visor always knocks the rear view mirror out of position.

The sound system is lacking compared to similar cars like the Sentra and Neon.

I haven't really noticed any better or worse gas mileage than other similar cars, but it sure does get better gas mileage than my last car (a 93 Jeep Grand Cherokee).

The rear headrests can get in the way when trying to back up or check your blindspot.
 General comments?I bought this car in December 2003. It came with 19K miles already because it was a former rental car, but it was still new being a 2003 Corolla. It came fully loaded, power everything, CD player, automatic, and has an alarm.

The minute I took it for a test drive, I new this was my car. I was a little skeptical of the new re-design but the looks have grown on me, plus I really like the interior. Besides, I didn't buy the car based on looks, I bought it based on Toyota's reputation for making cars that are dependable.

The very next day after I bought this car, the battery gave out, I took the car back and they replaced the battery (free of charge only because it came under warranty) and it hasn't been a problem since. Also, whenever it's cold when I start the car, there is this loud weird sound that comes from the engine, but only when it's cold. The noise lasts until the car warms up.

There's this thing on the floor on the drivers side. I guess you could call it a foot pedastal. Maybe it's good for short people but I'm pushing 6 feet so I ripped that thing out of there.

All in all, I think the Corolla's a good car. But next time I buy, I'll buy brand spankin' new
 Previous carI traveled a lot for my last job. As a result, I rented a lot of cars, these are the cars that I usually got and I must say in my opinion, the Corolla has them all beat. Ford Focus, Nissan Sentra, Dod

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